Our Mission

Our mission

The mission of the Scriabin Club is to promote cultural enlightenment and engagement. Club members discuss all kinds and forms of art, including philosophy. We are constantly searching for new possibilities and ideas.

Our causes

Our mission to promote cultural engagement can be summarised in the following tasks:

Promoting Music

Scriabin club actively promotes the music of the composer Alexander Scriabin, including the promotion of performances and musicians. We organise concerts, ranging from small scale living room concerts to famous concert halls. Moreover, we provide a wide range of musical-related activities, such as lectures and presentations.

Providing Education

Our mission is to bring high quality musical and cultural education to people of all ages and backgrounds, from beginners to advanced musician. The education at Scriabin club also includes lectures and presentations on musical and cultural related subjects, such as music theory, history of culture and art, philosophy and much more.

Providing Information

With Scriabin club we provide a platform, where Scriabin club members can share valuable information about his music, himself, his philosophy, the culture of the time and much more. The contents on the website will always be publicly available, and Scriabin club membership will not be required for the viewing of information.

Growing Community

Scriabin club connects the enthusiasts of Scriabin, philosophy and culture in general. Here, dialogues and conversations between the club members take place. We are constantly searching and sharing new ideas, having lectures, frequent conferences and discussions. The Scriabin club community has an international appeal, a huge network of connections in the world of music and art, which members of Scriabin club can rely on.