Members of the Scriabin Club enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Attendance and active participation in online and offline (“physical”) meetings and conferences.
  • Attendance of online and offline lectures, presentations and talks.
  • Access to regular online meetings
  • Participation in workshops.
  • Access to privately organized concerts and conventions.
  • Substantial discounts on lessons (such as music lessons, theory lessons, one-on-one coaching’s etc).
  • Discounts on public concerts.
  • Access to the Scriabin Club society and network.
  • Possibility to share information and experiences publicly on this website.
  • Access to private online chat server exclusive for members, to share ideas, material, thoughts etc..
  • Possibility to post on the official Scriabin Club subreddit.
  • Access to the private Scriabin Club group (Telegram).

Members become actively involved and informed in online communications.

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