Become a Scriabin Club sponsor

Scriabin Club is also searching for Sponsors, who would support us with our goals. Scriabin Club sponsors are special members, who are choosing to support our goals and ambitions financially.

Next to all the benefits Scriabin club members will enjoy, there are the following perks for sponsors:

  • Possibility to organize private events (such as concerts) specifically for Sponsors.
  • Private one on one weekly conversations and progress reports on Skype.
  • Planning of future Events and activities of Scriabin Club, thus shaping the future.
  • Knowing to have supported the good causes of promoting cultural enlightenment.
  • You become listed as a sponsor on the Scriabin Club homepage.
  • On the Scriabin Club website, you get your own profile page, with a picture, short introduction about yourself and links to your website etc..

Please get in touch with us for more information about sponsorship of the Scriabin Club.