Membership at Scriabin Club

Membership of Scriabin club

Becoming a member of Scriabin club

At Scriabin club there are two possibilities to apply for membership: Paid membership, where a yearly contribution is paid, or free membership.

Why become a member

Members of the Scriabin Club enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Attendance and active participation in online and offline (“physical”) meetings and conferences.
  • Attendance of online and offline lectures, presentations and talks.
  • Participation in workshops.
  • Access to privately organized concerts and conventions.
  • Substantial discounts on lessons (such as music lessons, theory lessons, one-on-one coaching’s etc).
  • Discounts on public concerts.
  • Access to the Scriabin Club society and network.
  • Possibility to share information and experiences publicly on this website.

Members become actively involved and informed in e-mail communications.

Notes about offline physical meetings

Currently, as Scriabin Club is still in it’s begin phase, offline and physical meetings are limited to the European countries of The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The precise locations will be announced (and discussed) by E-Mail.

Most of the physical meetings (such as concerts) will also feature an online live stream. This way, all over the world, our members can participate and be a part of Scriabin Club.

At the time of writing, COVID-2019 restrictions are also playing a big role in the planning of events. Hence, Scriabin Club recognises the importance of the “online” aspect.

For the paid membership, Scriabin Club asks its members to pay a yearly contribution. At this point in time, we accept the following payment methods:

  • International bank transfer (can have high transfer fees)
  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

Scriabin club is working hard to support more currencies and payment methods.

At this point, in order to initiate a membership at ScriabinClub, it is necessary to contact Scriabin Club at the following email address: The yearly contribution charges will be announced via E-Mail.

Free membership

At Scriabin Club there is also a possibility for membership free of charge.

This is for people who would like to contribute valuable information to Scriabin Club. Examples for this are the publication of Scriabin-related research, for public viewing on this website, or contributing website translations so our website can reach more people. In exchange for this, free membership can be granted.

This creates a win-win situation for both the person applying for free membership: Scriabin club gets to host valuable information, sharing it to the world - which is inline with our goals of promoting cultural enlightenment. The person publishing at ScriabinClub get benefits such as publishing on a platform which has a high public reach, free of charge while also getting free membership at the Scriabin Club.

Of course, the person publishing at Scriabin Club retains his/her full authorship rights, such as their name (or pseudonym, if desired) in the text, possibility to edit her/his publication and removal in the case should that be wanted by the original author. Free membership applications are at this point also accomplished via E-Mail. Just contact us via

If you have any questions regarding free membership, please feel free to contact us as well.


Scriabin Club is also searching for Sponsors, who would support us with our goals.

Next to all the benefits Scriabin club members will enjoy, there are the following perks for sponsors:

  • Possibility to organize private events (such as concert) specifically for Sponsors.
  • Private one on one weekly conversations and progress reports on Skype.
  • Planning of future Events and activities of Scriabin Club, thus shaping the future.
  • Knowing to have supported the good causes of promoting cultural enlightenment.

If you would like to start a conversation with us, feel free to contact us by mail: