Membership at Scriabin Club

Why become a member of Scriabin Club

Members of the Scriabin Club enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Attendance and active participation in online and offline (“physical”) meetings and conferences.
  • Attendance of online and offline lectures, presentations and talks.
  • Access to regular online meetings
  • Participation in workshops.
  • Access to privately organized concerts and conventions.
  • Substantial discounts on lessons (such as music lessons, theory lessons, one-on-one coaching’s etc).
  • Discounts on public concerts.
  • Access to the Scriabin Club society and network.
  • Possibility to share information and experiences publicly on this website.
  • Access to private online chat server exclusive for members, to share ideas, material, thoughts etc..
  • Possibility to post on the official Scriabin Club subreddit.
  • Access to the private Scriabin Club group (Telegram).

Members become actively involved and informed in online communications.

How to become a member of Scriabin Club

In order to become a member of Scriabin Club, there is the following selection process:

  1. Contact us, tell us shortly about yourself and your motivation to join Scriabin Club.
  2. Together we will find a way for you to help Scriabin Club, such as:
  • Publication of Research Material about e.g. Scriabin or his world on our website.
  • Online (Social Media) or Physical (e.g. flyers, mouth to mouth) promotion of Scriabin Club.
  • Translation of (parts) of our website or material.
  • Providing of recordings, media etc.
  • Something else depending on you, which we can discuss in advance.
  1. Informal conversation with the founder of Scriabin Club.

The reason Scriabin Club opts for this selection process, is because we believe that every single person, from every background and age can be actively involved. Scriabin Club strives to be a home place for active members, as opposed to “passive” consumers.