Scriabin Club.

Scriabin Club


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Our Mission

  • To create a community, where conversations about Art and Life are taking place and bringing like-minded people together.
  • To create a highest quality music school and learning environment for piano lessons and general cultural education.
  • To create a place where information about Scriabin and related topics is shared and distributed.

Our Club

Scriabin Club

Scriabin Club members work actively to promote cultural awareness, engagement and enlightenment.

Scriabin Club membership includes benefits such as the participation in conferences, activities, concerts, meetings, lectures, lessons and more. Our base of followers and members is constantly growing. See how to become a part of Scriabin Club or learn more about Scriabin Club.

Our Sponsors

Do you want to support the mission of Scriabin Club financially and become our sponsor? Please see the sponsor page for more information.

Scriabin Club is dedicated to the innovative composer Alexander Scriabin. His active and bright spirit symbolises our mission, tasks and goals.