Celebrating Scriabin's Legacy and Exciting Ventures in 2024

Join us in celebrating Alexander Scriabin's 152nd birthday and …

Today on January 6th 2024

Dear Scriabin Club Members and Readers,

Happy Birthday to the visionary composer, Alexander Scriabin! As we honor the 152th birthday of this musical genius, let us delve into the ethereal realms of his creativity and celebrate the profound impact he has had on the world of classical music.

Scriabin Birthday picture

In the Words of Scriabin:

“I am the ecstatic fire that, with the flames of my inner soul, enlightens the world.”

These words by Scriabin encapsulate the intensity and passion that characterized his compositions. His innovative use of harmonies, rich symbolism, and mystical themes paved the way for a unique musical experience that transcends time.

A Year of Promise:

As we embark on 2024, the Scriabin Club is thrilled to announce a multitude of exciting projects. Our members have passionately embraced Scriabin’s spirit, planning events and initiatives that promise to immerse you in the world of his revolutionary compositions.

New Year Wishes:

May the melodies and especially harmonies of Scriabin continue to inspire creativity and joy in your lives. As we toast to the new year, let’s anticipate the musical journey that awaits us, guided by the echoes of Scriabin’s genius.

Orthodox Christmas Connection:

It is noteworthy that Scriabin’s birthday falls just a day before Orthodox Christmas, adding an extra layer of significance to this celebratory period.

A Personal Note from Martin Kaptein:

Founder of the Scriabin Club, Martin Kaptein, extends heartfelt birthday congratulations, sharing an excerpt from Scriabin’s renowned composition, “Vers la flamme.” This exquisite piece serves as a testament to the composer’s ability to evoke profound emotions through his music.

Join us in commemorating the birth of Alexander Scriabin, as we dive into a year brimming with musical exploration and artistic endeavors. Cheers to the melodies that transcend time and the community that keeps Scriabin’s legacy alive!

With musical regards,

Scriabin Club Team

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